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On Tuesday we headed off to Munich to spend some time around the city, and to catch up with some of daddy-M’s longtime friends. Once again we listen to one of the popular local radio stations, and this time the DJ informs us that it is Auntie Angie’s birthday, as well as David Hasselhoff’s. God bless Angie, but I’ve never quite understood The Hoff‘s musical popularity in Germany. The DJ wants us to vote for one of The Hoff‘s songs to be played in honour of his birthday:

Option A: blah-blah

Option B: blah-di-blah

Option C: blah-blah-blah

Option D: I’d prefer to hear none of David Hasselhoff’s songs.

D! D! We vote for D!

Hallelujah!, there is still some sanity out there!

Arrived in the city and check in at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel. Daddy-M is skittish when he receives the keys to his room: room 666. LOL! Quickly dropped our luggage in the rooms and walked off into the city just in time to hear the Rathaus’ clock chime noon. We run around the block just in time for… the famous glockenspiel performing its little play. Complete with jousting knights (the Bavarian knight wins as usual), and a reenactment of the 1517 plague in Munich. 

We moved on and caught up with Daddy-M’s friend Ruth for lunch at Vitualienmarkt (shout-out to Michelle!)and then started shopping around to find a pair of Lederhosen in baby’s size. Ruth took us around the city explaining something of Munich’s trend competitive and brand-crazy fashion culture. For dinner we would join her at the Italian restaurant across the street from our hotel where all the Bavarian football players hang-out at their friend H’ugo’s restaurant. The place-to-be-seen. Sporting your brand outfit of course 

The whole city was filled with big-sis Lieneke’s spirit, and everything I saw reminded me of her stories of the year she spend in Munich. Thirteen years ago exactly. If we had known then what we know now…


Late afternoon and we headed back to our hotel for a swim in the magnificent pool in the Blue spa on the top floor. I was astounded to see our 360 degree view from the pool: the Rathaus, Frauenkirche… everyone below hustling around the city, while we splashed in the pool. Baby flirting with the other guests. 

Back in the room, getting ready for dinner, baby and I turned on the TV to the Deluxe music channel to get our groove on. And it was right there, EUREKA!, that I made my big discovery. The Millenium Bug, I’ve found it:

All the music, every single song, that I’ve heard on German radio stations and music channels, dates back to pre-2000. (Not exactly the A-grade music from the period either) 

So here’s my theory: the Millenium Bug got a hold of German music taste. No, sorry, I don’t know the mechanics behind the situation. But just don’t get me started on Kuschelrock! It was cute back in the 90′s, but can we move on already!?!

(I don’t need to add a disclaimer blatantly telling you that all these sweeping statements are merely in jest, do I?)

Dressed for the town we made our appearance at H’ugo’s Italian restaurant. On Ruth’s recommendation I ordered the truffle pizza, and let me say: not bad. The restaurant owner Hugo assumed that Daddy-M was one of the famous football players that frequents his restaurant, and paid extra special  attention to our comfort even asking about his wellbeing and his son as if he knew exactly who he was… How funny! Just shows you, it’s really all about the look.

Our last day in Munich started with a walk to the English Garden, with a stop over at the play park. Baby-R had a whale of a time in the giant sand pit while daddy-M and I came up with a little game: how-many-labels-can-you-spot-on-one-family. Come on!, play along: 

Yup, not sure whether a trip to the park is about the children’s need for playtime, or about the parent’s need to show off their labels… 

We then headed over to the famous Maximilian Strasse. Think: Madison Avenue, Manhattan. Indeed, that’s where you take your Minnillo bag for a shopping trip. Although we enjoyed a leisurely Kaffeeklatsch with Ruth, we soon took to the back streets to find the ONE hipster fashion store in Munich. A welcome relief from all the international brands, we scavenged around for more alternative and less commercial fashion. 

Lunch of Bockwurst and Kartoffelsalat washed down with a Weissbier at the Hofbrauhaus, and it was off back to the airport for our flight back to Nice. Me a tiny bit nervous about the 200g tube of mustard that I wanted to sneak onto the plane… 

Mustard. Would that even be considered a fluid?, I ponder optimistically.

But alas, despite trying to sneak it through the scanners in the baby-bag with the milk and tea bottles, security confiscates the Bavarian mustard. 200g, over the size limit.

Fortunately the Thomy mittelscharf 100g makes it safely to France. 

An hour in the sky and we were back in Paradise. Stepped out of the plane looking for the baby’s pram and were greeted by the rude and miserable french service delivery system. Cannot complain about the service in France, because THERE IS NONE! Horrible drivers on the road around Cannes (They’re all on chemicals!), horrible architecture of the new wine sales centre in Draguignan, more bad drivers  further north (Them foreigners!)…

All the same I cannot help but giggle at all the ensuing complaining in the car for the next hour. We have become just like the Provençaux: we live in paradise but SIMPLY LOVE TO COMPLAIN!  

Quotes of the week:

Sitting at a coffee shop on Maximilian strasse, watching the shoppers:

“Everyone has that Hermes bag”

“Yes, and it’s only 10 000 Euro, and you have to order it 10 years in advance.”

Shopping for Lederhosen in Loden frey:

Me: “Geez, you could feed a family in Africa for the price of this children’s shirt… for a month!”

Daddy-M: “You could feed a family IN EUROPE for a month on that!”




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