Manouche – the book


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This blog has been turned into a book and will be available in the Amazon kindle store in 2015. Follow my blog at Manouchery, and sign-up for updates on the book release.


– escaping the Moustache Cartel –

an autobiographical novel

Lizette is desperate to escape her job in insurance sales and the constraining Afrikaner values of Snor-city. When Swallows from Cape Town need a nanny to look after their two sons for the duration of the family’s three month wintering escape to one of the sunniest corners of Europe, she jumps at the opportunity.

As a young divorcée, she has no time for prince-on-his-white-horse-nonsense. In fact, by this time she could probably present the Women’s Day seminar, “A man is not a financial plan”. However, circumstances conspire, and before she knows what’s going on, Cupid is focussing his target practice right in her direction.

“Dear Ella,

It is confession time. The drama that unfolded behind the scenes of my Provence blog updates. Come on! You could’ve guessed that the blog was just a light hearted version of events, a family friendly newsletter to keep the parentals happy.

It’s easy to see the humour in these situations now that I’ve safely departed the crime scene. It is definitely easier to laugh about crazy run-ins with French men now that I’m safely back in South Africa and no longer risk running into creepy characters around every corner of a tiny medieval Provencal village.

Lesson number one, Ella, if you’re going to be dating in a small town you had better have a contingency plan.”